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Újbarok (2018.05.05.) CACL coursing competition full results


Hungarian Coursing Association

CACL coursing + DG DogGear Coursing Cup 2018

Place: Újbarok
(GPS: N 47°28’18.9″ E 18°32’51.8″), website: )

Date: 5. May 2018 SATURDAY

Entry address: (Entry deadline: 30.04.2018 Monday midnight)

Check-in: from 9:00 to 9:45
Coursing starting time: 10:00
Distance: 700-800 m
Course: pasture with natural grass
Lure driver: Pavel Jeník (CZ)

Eva Jeník Dufková (CZ)
Daria Kim (SRB)

Participation CACL: For CACL title, at the minimum age of 15 months, the dog must have earned a grading not lower than “very good” on a Hungarian (MEOESz) dog show (out of intermediate, open or champion class). Proof of the qualification obtained has to be attached to the coursing entry form. If there are at least six dogs of each sex per breed are at the start, the CACL may be awarded separately to dogs and bitches. If there are fewer than six dogs of one sex at the start, all the dogs and bitches compete together for a single CACL. If there are fewer than six dogs of any particular breed at the start, then the CACL will not be awarded. (A CACL can only be awarded to a sighthound which has achieved at least two thirds of the possible total points.)

Training or hobby coursing category is not available – only license runs!

Entry fee: 25 € per dog (the 2-3. dog of the same owner: 25-25 €, from the 4th dog: free). With MEOESZ (Hungarian Kennel Club) membership: first dog 5.000 Ft, the 2-3. dog of the same owner: 5-5.000 Ft, from the 4th dog: free. Price of license run: 7 € or 2.000 Ft per dog, per run.

Name of owner:
Postal code + city:
Street + nr.:
Phone nr.:
E-mail address:
Name of sighthound:
Sex: dog – bitch
Date of birth:
Pedigree nr.:
License nr.:
Chip nr.:
CACL title: yes – no
MEOESZ membership: yes – no

The entry puts you under the obligation to pay the fee! No entry on spot!

DG DogGear Coursing Cup (CACL)

Our first coursing competition will be held on the 5th of May Saturday – detailed entry information and online entry are coming within days!


Membership cards are available!

If you want to be our member and would like to use the advantages & discounts of the Hungarian Kennel Club + Hungarian Coursing Association membership, please contact us for further information! You can use it for all entries of the Hungarian Kennel Club events (shows, coursings, racings). The yearly membership (with foreign address, means not Hungarian) costs 12.000 Ft or 40 €.

Die neuen Mitgliedskarten sind verfügbar! Wenn sie bei uns Mitglied werden möchten und die Vorteile & Angebote der Mitgliedschaft des ungarischen Kennel Club und des ungarischen Coursing Klubs nutzen möchten, kontaktieren sie uns bitte für weitere Informationen! Sie können die Karte für alle Meldungen von Veranstaltungen des ungarischen Kennel Club (Ausstellungen, Coursings, Rennen) verwenden. Die Jahresmitgliedschaft (mit ausländischer Adresse, bedeutet nicht ungarisch) kostet 12.000 Ft oder 40 €.


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