MEOESz membership card for 2019 is available! The owner of the membership card can participate all MEOESz club events (dog show, oval track race, coursing etc.) and has discounted costs for these events. Please alert the HuCE management if you experience any fraud (for example double entry fee for not HuCE hold MEOESz events)! The membership card is valid for discounted fees from 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019. Each owner of a dog must have the membership card to have resort to the discounted fees.

Costs in case of foreign address (along with HuCE and MEOESz membership): 12,000 HUF or 40 EUR.

If you are member of another MEOESz club, and you have Kennel Club membership card, but you want to be member of the HuCE as well (for example to race for HuCE Coursing Championship presentation jacket), it will not be a problem. You can apply for only HuCE membership without Kennel Club card. Its price is 6,000 HUF or 20 EUR.

If you want to enter the Hungária Coursing Egyesület (Hungarian Coursing Club), please do as follows:

  1. You can pay the membership costs personally on an event or you can transfer to the bank account of the club. Bank data: Name: Hungária Coursing Egyesület Address: 1163 Budapest Pósa Lajos utca 5. Bank address: 1065 Budapest Nagymező utca 44. SWIFT/BIC: BACXHUHB IBAN: HU71 1091 8001 0000 0095 2667 0003
  2. Complete the membership application (found “Downloads” menu item) and send back signed.
  3. Once the first 3 bullets are completed, please write an email to and let us know how we can send you the membership card (you can get it personally in Budapest, or in post for an extra fee of 1,000 HUF, or digitally scanned via email).

Thank you for choosing our club!